The Power in your Name

I got a lot of comments in my inbox from readers telling me about their names. The beautiful thing about names is that even the simplest of names has a beautiful meaning and the weird sounding ones have absolutely lovely stories to them. 

One reader even wants me to do a research on his name, challenge accepted. 

My good friend and an ardent reader of Lilea’s blog shared this deep insight about her name, please take your time to read the interesting and deep piece below. 

God's Deliverance takes many forms. It's not restricted to deliverance from enemy activity.

Did you know,

 Another type of deliverance is deliverance from Destiny Misalignment (Jabez), or Destiny Impotency (Abraham), etc

In this deliverance, there are no endless prayer vigils and rituals, but the simple power of a naming, renaming, or name reveal!

Our All wise God has lots of powerful avenues and structures in place for  His children to get blessed BY DEFAULT... without even trying. One such institution is the COVENANT OF OUR NAME. 

When God wants to guarantee a blessing or quality to your life experience, He inserts it into a name that is prophetic. What that means is... each time humans call you by your name, they give life to the covenant in your name. Think Abraham, Sarah, Jacob, David, John the Baptist,  Peter, Solomon and of course, JESUS, among others. When God named them, He also stated the covenant attached to the name!

More importantly, did you know that your current name may be reinforced by a promise or Covenant of Blessing in the Bible?

I'll use my names as an example. 

My birth names are IJEOMA MARILYNN.

Ijeoma, in my native language, literally means GOOD JOURNEY. My mother named me so because, according to her, my birthing was shockingly easy compared to my predecessor. I took this personal from a young age that life would be an easy journey for me. Well, this name has been powerful. Wherever I go, I have always stood out and found uncommon favour. However, when the Holy Spirit comes into our lives, He guides us into ALL TRUTH. God taught me that my name actually means THE GOOD JOURNEY!

You see, in this world there are 2 roads before us. The quality of our life and eternal destination is decided by which path we choose.

There is the path that seems right unto men, but the end is death. Jesus calls it the path of destruction. Because it has a wide gate and a broad way,  quite unfortunately, many are on that path. 

But there is another path. Jesus says narrow is the gate, and difficult is the  way that leads to life, and there are few who find it. This path is the path of righteousness, which God is leading me on for His name's sake. Hallelujah! 

Matt 7:13&14.

This is the GOOD JOURNEY that God set me on from the day I was christened. It is the truth and summary of my entire the special grace of God. My arrival at my good destination is guaranteed by the affirmation in my name!

My second name, one of the meanings of Marilynn, is BELOVED! Some reports claim that it is an amalgam of Mary Magdalene - the first woman Jesus entrusted with announcing the Great News of His resurrection. Boy, was she devoted to Christ. 

Anyhu... Back in 2015, before I knew what the name meant, the Lord led me to start a women's Bible study, and I asked Him in prayer for what He wanted our name to be. Loud and Clear I heard the Word Beloved in my heart, and that has been our group name since!

Can you imagine my elation when I eventually discovered that marilynn means Beloved?

Moreover,  imagine my joy when I discovered that Solomon, the wisest man and I, are nametwins? God christened Solomon Jedidiah after he was born, sending a special message through Nathan the Prophet.

Need I tell you how blessed Solomon was? Because of his great wisdom, Israel was most peaceful and prosperous under His reign. What's in that Beloved name? THE FAVOUR OF GOD!!!! And you must agree, Solomon was highly favoured. What's up with God coming down Himself,  to ask Solomon personally, what he wanted from Him? I thought we were supposed to ask. Well, in Solomon's case, God did the asking.  Furthermore, the biggest exposure of God's obvious partial disposition or FAVORitism towards Solomon is that Solomon - The chosen king against all opposition within and without David's family, despite being an illegitimate  child of a suspect union and who hitherto we had never heard anything of - This Solomon asked for ONLY wisdom, but received far, far more. Blessings He did not even ask for... Riches, generational honour, and long life. What else is left in Heaven at that time that He didn't get? Salvation through Christ wasn't an option, and he already had the greatest gift to start with -  intimacy with God.

Now to Parallels..

Solomon, like all  Kings of Israel were commanded by God to read the entire Laws of God daily and copy it by hand throughout their reign. 

Solomon did this, and certainly, he was revered by all as an excellent king and discerning judge. People came from far and wide to hear him. 

I have always loved to read. 

Interestingly, I have ended up studying Law 3 times in one lifetime! I have studied secular Law twice, once in Nigeria, and once in the US and I have now studied Biblical Law for the last 3 years. I can not seem to get away from this Law, wisdom, and good judgement business no matter how I try. Is it me, or is it these names carry spirits that are an overwhelming influence? Obviously when God loves us He blesses with WISDOM. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, Jesus the Teacher and the Word Himself to us. 

I swear that a Law spirit is following me oo. 

Now imagine if it were a negative thing. Would I not need deliverance from the name? ? 

It gets worse. Ever since I was little, for some inexplicable reason, people, including those older and in my opinion, far wiser than I am, have considered me to be wiser than my years, and have consequently sought my counsel. 

Indeed, folk have always felt comfortable with bringing their personal and professional issues to me, for us to deliberate on and find solutions.

Presently,  I have even acquired the professional attestation of that counselling skill, for I am a Certified Life Coach.  

I also enjoy mediating between 2 opposing factions in the hope of achieving peace and justice. More often than not, I succeed.

So I ask you all...

What's in a name? What's in YOUR name?

Go figure!

Back to me,🤗

Now think of all the Biblical promises that are to His Beloved??? I have CLAIMED them as mine, and the best part is...whenever any of you say my name, YOU REINFORCE MY CLAIM AND BLESS ME. I live the life of the Beloved every moment of my life. This is my faith and daily profession. 

Your name is your IDENTITY AND DESTINY. Have you paid the requisite amount of attention to it for the Holy Spirit to expand what its assignment in your life is?

Like me, you may think you know what it means, but if you give the Holy Spirit audience, He may expand your understanding and promote you from Abram (Exalted Father) to Abraham (Father of Many Nations).

Have you connected your name to God's promise or covenant over your life?

Or even...are you answering to the wrong name like Jacob and Jabez? You can change it under the inspiration and guidance of the Holy Spirit. The Lord had zero hesitation in changing names of people older than you are as a means of destiny alignment!

My names, are a nuclear bomb that was armed ONLY AFTER I RECEIVED REVELATION OF ITS PURPOSE AND LETHAL NATURE. I wage a good warfare with it by frequently detonating it in the enemy camp, and I take NO prisoners! Total annihilation!

Fellow Soldiers of Christ,

Arm yourselves!!!!


Written by Ijeoma Nkwonta


  1. Most enlightening and stimulating ..... A challenge indeed.

  2. Insightful read.

  3. Brilliantly written piece. Thank you Ijeoma for the exposé and greater thanks to you, Amaka, for the featuring.

  4. Wonderful piece Nwamaka and Ijeoma. I love the insight of allowing the Holy Spirit to expand and reveal the more meaning og our names to life. God bless

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